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About us

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We are a small team of devoted individuals with a strong desire  to inspire and create an impact in our community and in the lives of those we come across in our daily activities through our Employment Referral and Coaching program . Our program is open to  those new to the workforce, youths , especially foster care youths transitioning into independence ,  those seeking a change in careers, newcomers, people returning to the workforce, older workers and individuals seeking apprenticeships.

We assist them to find work within 60 days or else through our Employment Referral and coaching program

All Job seekers, graduates or students wanting to meet with a Career Advisor to have their CV reviewed, or for general advising, can do so by scheduling an appointment or  Email us with details and we will reach out to you 

If you are looking for a job, please join our job search and interview preparation workshop group now and start your journey to finding a good career fit for you.

If you are a woman of impact and would like to join our Women conversations event please join our group below